Weekly Recap Link List 7-12-10

"Apple of My Eye" - an iPhone4 movie (with behind the scenes footage)

Build a DIY camera slider for $20

Sony Alpha NEX camera

Payola on social networks

A DIY shoulder rig created by a 14 year-old

How to make a web show: build your audience

Transmedia storytelling: getting started

Zoom H1: $99 pre-order for July 30th release

Hard knocks of crowdsourcing: don't throttle participation


John Hines Jr said…
Scott, I'm not sure the best place to ask this question, so I'm just going to post it here.

In your film The Payoff, at 3:23 there is a contra-zoom in the hotel hallway. What type of camera were you using for this shot? Do you have any experience doing this with a camcorder? I don't have a need for this shot. Just curious.

Thanks for everything. I've learned quite a bit, and more every week.
Scott Eggleston said…
Hey John!

The camera was the Sony Z1U, a prosumer model, but the fact is you can use any camera that has a zoom lens. Dolly in while zooming out (or vice versa) and presto! The Vertigo Shot.

The key is to dolly/zoom at the same rate, so the camera appears to remain stationary while the background expands or contracts.