Matthew Sorrels' FF DSLR Camera Rig

Here's a photo of my version of your camera rig (I mentioned it in your comment section). As you can see I changed the back elbow so it can rest on the table flat. I also made the left side a bit larger using 6" pipes rather than 4" so I can get my hand in there to adjust the focus ring on the GH1. I actually think 5" would have been better, I just needed a little more room. For the bolt that holds the camera I ended up with a lot of extra at the top, which is why I added the nut you can see on the bottom. I thought you said you used a 2.5" bolt in the video, but perhaps a 2" bolt would work better?

The GH1 is most likely the heaviest DSLR you could mount on this though. I doubt the Canons would work as well. It fits pretty nicely, but for a larger DSLR you might need a real base plate. Next up is some hockey tape I think or maybe I'll paint it black.

Thanks for putting up the video showing how to make this. I've been wanting a hand held rig for a while now but didn't really want to spend hundreds to get one. This was a great, easy to build solution.

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Anonymous said…
Nice rig!
I just made one myself. Now, I'm thinking of adding wheels so it could be used as a dolly as well.
Mike Parker
Anonymous said…
Do you think the T2i would need a base plate on that rig? If that's the case then I'm gonna have to get creative on trying to make one :/.
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