PVC Light Stand Fits Right Against Wall

While working as a DP for a friend's web series, I found myself needing a light stand that would fit snugly against a wall. We were shooting into a bathroom and there was very little room to operate. I didn't like what the florescent lighting offered and want to use a 100 watt clamp light. Having nothing to clamp to, I quickly modified one of my PVC stands by pulling out two of the stabilizer feet. I then ran two 2' sections for a 4' pole extending from the bathroom counter top, stopping just short of the ceiling.

I clamped my light and we got our shot. Try doing that with a tripod stand.


DIYFilmSchool.net said…
I love it. I assume the weight of the clamp light didn't cause any problems, but curiosity is killing me: did you have to secure it or weigh it down at all? If so, how?