How to Make Your Frugal Film an Event

Filmmaker Mike Vogel has posted 5 steps to better "four-walling" over at Hope for Film >> Truly Free Film and his own blog. I think we would all like to see our film on the big screen being reacted to by a crowd of people. It's the very venue that encouraged us all to make movies, right?

Mike shares five very valuable steps to get the word out and make the experience a good one. They are:

1. Running free "slides" before the film
2. Q&A before the screening
3. Have a raffle
4. Walk in music ideas
5. Have an online presence

Since I tend to be totally focused on an internet release model, I haven't really thought about a traditional one-nighter. It's a great way to reward your cast, crew and contributors as well as one more way to promote your work. And it's just plain cool.


Mike Vogel said…
Thanks for posting this! I appreciate it and it was a nice to discover your blog.
Scott Eggleston said…
You're welcome, Mike! It's always nice to connect with another fimmaker and help them promote their work.