Get "Fans, Friends & Followers" for Free!

Scott Kirsner's highly-acclaimed audience building manual Fans, Friends & Followers, is temporarily online as a free download. Scott is offering his free e-book version (which is complete) during the SXSW film festival. It's one I've been wanting to read for awhile and now there are no excuses. All he asks is that you don't post it to a file sharing network (but you can link back to him) and if you like it, consider a PayPal donation.

The book is chock full of testimonials of how others have successfully built a following on the web and the lessons they have learned. Normally a $12 purchase, this is one deal none of us should pass up. I plan on read the book and posting my findings. You should too. Spread the word!

If you don't already, be sure to read Scott's excellent blog, CinemaTech, which covers the democratization of digital content on the web. It's great information for those who want to harness the web for its full marketing potential, no matter what your budget.