Cheap Tripod has Perfect Custom Rig Mount

If you are planning an building a special rig for your next camcorder feature, have I got a deal for you. There is an inexpensive tripod out there that not only has a removable plate for quick release, but also fits onto 1/2" PVC pipe, the most frugal material in which to build a rig out of.

These tripods can be found in abundance on eBay. Just search for 50" tripod and you'll get a ton of hits. The most affordable is a "Buy It Now" that sells for $11.49 with free shipping! They even ship from the U.S. so you won't have the typical two week wait that cheap gear from China usually takes.

When you get your tripod, all you have to do is loosen the plastic wing nut that connects the head to the legs and remove. You can then insert your 1/2" PVC into the hole where the legs used to be for any configuration you can come up with. It may be snug and take some force, but it works.

I have two rigs (one already built) that uses this head that I will feature on The Frugal Filmmaker in the near future. I've just been on the lookout for a readily available source for these tripod heads and now I've found them. I just wanted to pass it on in case someone else was looking for the same thing.


Unknown said…
Can you post a pick of your rig? I'm having a hard time understanding what to do. I think i get it, but im not sure.
Scott Eggleston said…
Hey Gautch! The rigs are Top Secret (shhhh!), but will be revealed here soon. To clarify what I am talking about, however, I have inserted some photos that should clear things up.