Embedding YouTube's HD Video

The blog lives! Yes, I know it has been forever (over a month) since my last post, but my new job has been taking a lot of my creative juices. Rightly so, as they are paying me to be the video guy. They even have me blog once a week, which had me using posts I'd normally put up here, there.

The good news is that Lunawebs is more interested in short blog posts that take 10-15 minutes to put up and come from the week's experience. My stuff is usually way too bloated for work (it takes about an hour to typically post something here) so I can actually blog in two places without stepping on anyone's toes.

Anyway, since one of my jobs is to create a YouTube presence for Lunawebs, I've been learning some cool stuff. One thing is that The Tube has recently supported HD video, complete with a widescreen player. All you have to do is upload in 1280 x 720 and YouTube will automagically give you a "play in HD" option to click on.

You can also embed in HD (see the giraffe above) by attaching the mystic "&ap=%2526fmt%3D22" onto the end of your video's URL. It's a great way to make your clips look great. We shoot with consumer-level HD Canon HF100s and they are the perfect camera (read: very affordable at $530) for uploading HD content to the web.

Judge for yourself. Then do it!