How This Blog Helped Me Change Jobs

I have posted recently about the viral ads that I was contracted to create for Lunawebs, a local web developer here in Salt Lake City. My last post was the actual ad that I created to help drive traffic to their site, and potentially create more work for me. Well, as it turns out, not only did I get more work, I got a job offer! Yep, I'm now the new Multimedia Director for Lunawebs, which is just a fancy name for "video guy." They are branching out into online video creation and I'll be the in-house person that creates it. I'm pretty excited.

This was not an overnight thing. I've known the business owner for many years (and Film Flap has been up for almost two), and he's followed my work for as long as I've had it online. It helped that I sent him a link every time I had something new to watch, and always asked his opinion. It was also a big help (and here's my point) that I had a blog with lots of stuff to peruse, which acts as an online resume that anyone can access at anytime from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection.

Even if you don't blog, having a singular spot for your video content can lead to good things. I have never been one to talk up my work as much as let the work do the talking. I love hearing honest opinions which have often led me to reevaluate and improve. It would be one thing if this was a difficult process, but the most popular video sharing site it the world is stupid easy to use. Are you using it?

Don't waste time. There are so many great tools at your disposal that can help you tell great stories and get them out there. Who knows, someone may even pay you to make crazy videos that you'd make for free anyway. It happend to me.


Anonymous said…
It had to be Chris's stellar acting job that secured the deal. Talent like that is unmatched. Congrats on the new job!
Allan W. said…
Congrats Scott! I've been a long-time reader, I hope you'll continue blogging.

With a background in design, I made the transition from multimedia, to web dev, and now am doing video production (and being pulled into presentation media and web dev again!). Drop me a note if you ever want to chat on that transition.
Anonymous said…
now I see it..