Creating "Short-Shorts"

It's that time again. Time for me to get off my butt and do something creative. Fortunately, there always seems to be something demanding my attention that can be a great exercise in the flexing of the creative filmmaking muscles department.

This time my job is to develop monthly viral ads for a local web firm, The owner is a friend of mine, likes my work and has employed me in the past. He has given me a potentially unending assignment and creative freedom up the wazoo. The goal: create any video I want with their logo attached. That's it. I can literally do whatever I please (okay, nothing obscene), affix their logo and spread the thing all over the web (TubeMogul could be a good way to do that) with the intent of driving traffic to the Lunawebs site.

While I do enjoy the creative freedom this give me, it also presented a conundrum. What the heck do you produce when no parameters of any kind are given? Is too much freedom no freedom at all? I was a bit lost at first, but I've finally focused my efforts and will begin to shoot the first of several "wordplays" in the middle of next week. I don't want to go into any detail yet, but I will say that they will (should) be funny, quirky, very short and utilize the microbudget mentality that I'm very fond of. This last part is very important because while my budgets will be micro, I do plan on paying everyone. Even if it ain't much.

So stay tuned. Every new "short-short" will appear here first, then get blasted all over the web soon thereafter. It will be a monthly experiment that should prove beneficial to all involved. Not to mention new things to write about!