Mini Documentary: "Kind of Famous"

So where have I been for the last two weeks? Why, working on my second project for my Film Production I class, of course! If you thought one month was no time to turn out a narrative, how about two weeks for a documentary? Kind of Famous is the end result, a little chronicle of friend Terry Jeffs and his almost brush with the music big time. Like my last project, no sync sound is allowed, so no on camera interviews are permitted. Voice overs on the other hand...

I'm the first to admit that docs are not my forte. This one turned out pretty good I think, although I wish I would have had Terry express more of his feelings throughout, instead of just at the beginning and the end. Still, I'm happy with the final product.

What do you think?


foebea said…
One thing which in my experience as a viewer has always helped to draw me in is to make sure to include the subject of the docu in the film :D

The vocal audio should be depthed within the surroundings to give us a sense that he is there in the tv box thing rather then living all zombified like within the speakers. It sounded in your video here like it was done in an isolation room or maybe with a lapel mic which is just turned up too much. I'd recommend bringing down the volume a bit and reducing the bass to make it sound like he is there. whatever that means :D

Lastly, you could open with the person himself talking (to provide anchor point for viewers) and then cut back and forth between him and the things he is talking about.

Just a few thoughts I hope may be of use. You've got more in the can than I however, so ignore if you please. Have fun!