Diary of a Short Film V: Premiere Week

Here it is, the finished version of my latest short, The Payoff. Remember, the requirements of this assignment were no sync sound (so no talking heads) and you had to have a beginning, middle, and end. On Tuesday I showed it to my class on a big screen (which was very sweet) and Thursday to both my actors. Everyone seems to approve, but you be the judge. Also note that you can click on the HD link to see the movie in a much higher resolution (and bigger frame) than the teeny window above.

Enjoy, and please comment with your feedback!


Anonymous said…
Very well done. I'm glad Bus was available. He did a great job and had the perfect look. Fantastic work.
-Antonio Lexerot
JB said…
Scott, great work! What did you use to shoot?

-Jason Barron
Scott Eggleston said…
Glad you liked it, Jason! I used Sony's first generation HDV camera, the FX1. I shot in 1080i, cut in 1080i in Vegas Pro 8, rendered to a WMV, then uploaded to Vimeo. I also downconverted for the DVD version, which despite the lower resolution, looks really good.
Brett and Ali said…
Wow! Great job. I can't wait to see what's next! (Oh, I still need to see the other film Brett sat in on...)
Neil said…
I liked the Hitchcock zoom. It was like being in Jaws... Minus a shark... and in a hotel hallway.

Flawless use of musical score.

A few hours longer and some dialogue and I think you are ready for the big screen man.

Your film projects seem a lot more fun than mine were.