Your Tripod is Really a Dolly/Crane?

Prolost just turned me on to this excellent micro-budget trick that should be in everyone's quiver. To get a smooth dolly or low angle crane move, simply shorten the front leg of your tripod and push or pull while tilting. It's stupid simple, but can yield some very professional results. Check out the video above for some very convincing examples. Sure, you still need a tripod, but you own one of those anyway, right?


Elver said…
Tripods are really underrated when it comes to low-budget filmmaking. Sometimes all you need for a convincing steadycam shot is a cheap video camera with optical stabilization (anything over $400 should have it) and the extra weight that a folded up tripod under the camera gives you.

I've gotten the best results when folding the legs up all the way, tilting the camera up, and then using it horizontally. One hand on the camera, the other at the bottom end of the folded-up tripod.
Anonymous said…
Nice work, now just to book into some Tai Chi lessons.

Rups :)