Stepping out of the Freezer

If it feels like I haven't been publishing anything original lately, I must confess, I really haven't. Aside from the occasional movie review, it feels like my idea flow has halted, and it has nothing to do with the writers strike. No, the answer is much simpler. I haven't been making any movies. Life has wriggled it's grip around me, and I just haven't been able to produce much, aside from the occasional wedding video or photo montage (which really doesn't count). As a result, the wellspring of writing has seemingly dried up. I think I need to do something creative, and then I'll have something creative to write about.

Is it chilly in here?


Hal Weaver said…
Maybe your batteries are recharging, maybe it's winter hibernation instinct. Watch some movies that inspire you, talk a walk, get lost for a weekend, be patient. The next idea is on it's way.

BTW- really enjoy your blog. Thank you,