Something's Been Eating Me

Two weeks since the last post has probably keyed you in to the fact that I'm facing a creative dearth that has more to do with filmmaking than blogging. It has been more than a year since the completion of my last narrative project, and I'm feeling some right-brained atrophy. The lag in blog posts here is a direct reflection of this, and is something I want to fix. Badly.

Some things are going to be different, however. It seems I have become more of a reporter and less of a filmmaker, and I'm not liking that so much. I get a lot of gratification from producing my own stuff (a feeling any creative can relate to), and am pretty jealous when I see all these pioneering types blazing ahead while I stagnate. This is, of course, something I'm completely responsible for, and is something I desperately want to mend. I want to be more of a doer and less of a watcher.

The online world is in a current metamorphosis of content distribution, and I don't want to be left behind. It very exciting when I see sites like sporting ad banners from NBC. The big shots are paying attention to the smaller guys because they are getting people to tune in to their work. Their budgets may be smaller, but in the Wild West of the internet, that no longer matters. Create a good story and get the word out, and they will come. They will come to you.

As a result, I'm thinking of moving more toward more original content in this blog, and less "coverage" of other stuff that everyone else is already talking about. I'm not talking about commentary, but the "go here and read this" type of post that doesn't contribute to said posting, but merely acts as an arrow with no thoughts from me. I have no problem giving other people traffic, but I would like to do it in way that will satisfy me, and give more incentive to read the original article or watch the video or whatever.

I hope the change will be good. I need to dust off my imagination and do something fun, and take this blog in a new direction. A direction that will be entertaining, instructive and nifty. So stay tuned.