'Middle of Nowhere' Spotlighted on Indy Mogul's '5 Minute Movie House'

I'm usually not one for horn-tootin', but it's always nice to see your work appreciated. I submitted my last short film to a simple contest being held over at Indy Mogul. They just ask for a link to a movie you've made, with the main requirement being that it clock in at under five minutes. My movie won, and is now featured on IM's blog, hosted by Wes Scoggins, who said some nice things on this forum page.

Be sure to read the comments as well. It's always interesting to see what people think, and even more so when the subject matter leaves a lot to interpretation. The intentional vague and open-endedness of this piece gets people debating, and I like that. It's also good for hiding plot holes and continuity issues which could be explained away by what is (or isn't?) apparently happening here.

The 5 Minute Movie House is a cool idea for any filmmaker with their stuff already uploaded somewhere. It's stupid simple to submit (just provide a link and basic information), and there is a new winner every Sunday. You don't win anything other than the honor, but it does get more eyes on your stuff, and isn't that what we all want anyway? Click here for the complete rules, and enter today!