Cinema Salad on J-25, Two Oh Oh Eight

Are you a Pigeon or a Cardinal?
CinemaTech's Scott Kirsner has come up with a great article focusing on how we must make our content stand out in a crowd if we want to succeed. Cardinals stand out, pigeons don't. As Scott points out, the challenge is this: "getting people to first notice that your work exists, watch it, and then tell others about it. (Don't expect the number of choices your audience has to diminish any time soon.)" His bird metaphor perfectly illustrates how the net is being flooded with stuff, and it is up to us to show off our red feathers so folks will stop and point. People shoot pigeons, don't they?

[Courtesy The Rouge Wave] Wow. Sheldon Bull has written a fantastic piece about the writer's strike over at StoryLink and how the beast of corporation burden is already dead. This may seem far removed from folks such as us, but check this out: "Do I mean that you should make a short movie or three-minute TV series on your own and then post it on the web for free? Yes. That’s exactly what I mean. Can you think of a more effective way to introduce yourself to the world? If you get ten thousand hits on your video, don’t you suppose that people with money to invest will come looking for you?" It's a long read, but full of good stuff and very inspiring.

A Great Viral Gimmick Starring Carmen Electra
[Courtesy Breaking Free] Here's an attention grabber that uses sex appeal and cool technology to personalize a movie ad. When you go to the link, you are shown a glam shot of Carmen with this probing question flanking it: "Ever wish a babe like Carmen Electra would fall for you?" You are then asked for a name, a photo, and a phone number. These are injected in a faux press junket video from Meet the Spartans where Carmen talks about her new boyfriend, shows his name (the one you gave) tattooed on her butt, and reveals his picture (the one uploaded) in her wallet. Then, she calls the number you gave and you get a message from Carmen. Slick.

Renart Films Podcast - Jess Weixler
I love actors. They are such an integral part of moviemaking, and if you can cast some good talent, will send your project into the stratosphere. Jess Weixler is the star of the recently released Teeth, which she won a special jury prize at Sundance last year. The subject matter is interesting to say the least, but Weixler is such a delightful interview, that she could talk about drying paint and I'd be riveted. Host Dan Schechter is always good (and very funny--love the pod quiz!) and both make for a fun conversation about movies, acting and laughter.

Don't forget the gaffer's tape tomorrow...