Mistress, Filmmaking is Thy Name

You need me.

Only I can fulfill your need to express yourself, to bring those feelings from the bottom of your soul to fruition. You'll obsess about what I can give you, about what only I can satisfy. You're desire to use me is only eclipsed by your desire to enhance me. To make my image more beautiful, and my words more eloquent.

You'll give me whatever I want.

All of your money will be spent on me. Whatever I desire will be provided by you, and you'll hold nothing back. You'll scrape and dig and discover new ways to pay me what I want to fulfill you. Nothing is too precious to sacrifice. Nothing is too expensive. Nothing is out of reach, because you will get it for me, if I so desire.

You'll spend all of your time with me.

Sleep means little. You'll stay awake for hours on end to give me what I want, all night long if necessary. Every spare minute will be devoted to me, until your spare minutes will be used solely to sustain your life. I will be preeminent in your thoughts, I will be your entire stream of consciousness. I will be your subconscious, your everything.

I will consume you.

Without me you are nothing. Your life is mine to spend how I see fit. You'll say what I tell you to say, when I tell you to say it. My thoughts are your thoughts. Your mind belongs to me, your passion is me. I will dictate, and you will follow. I will lead you by the cord of expression that can never be detached, a cord you have given me willingly.

Any questions?