Blog Salad Friday on October 12, 2 double-aught 7

Free 411 from Google
This may not seem filmmaking related, but after hearing about it, I knew I had to share. In Google's quest to take over the earth with free services, they now have a phone number that anyone can use for information. Just give the city and state you need, and what you're looking for and presto! No more charges to find the nearest store to get batteries, food, etc. It's a great freebie and you can even speak a keyword and get a list of results to choose from. Not only that, but they will connect you for free! The number is 800-GOOG-411. Put it in your cell phone now, because you will need it.

Halloween Scene Contest at Rouge Wave
Here's a friendly writing competition that can sharpen your brain. Julie Gray is challenging her readers to submit a one page scene that is Halloween themed and uses the words pumpkin, periwinkle, and paradox. The prizes are modest, but that's not really the point. It's a good way to interact with other writers (and Julie, who is very cool) and hone your skills. It's only one page, so do it! The deadline is October 28th.

FreshDV Sports Gaggle of Good Content
These guys have been really busy this week. First they give two great links in the form of a depth of field video tutorial, and a really cool instructional about using anamorphic projector lenses on your DV camera for Uber-Widescreen. Then, they go and start their own live podcast call-in show dubbed FreshTV. It debuted this past week and will air every Tuesday at 9:30pm Central time. Like the website, FreshTV is gear oriented, so tech-heads rejoice! You now have a weekly show you can participate in, and get a lot out of.

Viral Blitz Arrives before Show it Promotes
Here's a great article in Wired that spotlights some more viral buzz creation. The difference here is that the show, Alive, doesn't even have a pilot episode yet. The producers are subversively trying to ignite a fan base with info, video clips, and websites that they are spreading around the net. Information is then "leaked", and away we go. With so much attention, people will want to see the actual show, right? That's the hope, and the creators are hoping to get some backing this way. It reminded me of past schlockmeisters like Samuel Z. Arkoff, who would pre-sell their exploitation fare to the drive-in circuit with only poster art. That money would then be used to make the movie that filled the orders. Genius.

Soundsnap Lets You Share Audio Samples
Editblog has clued me into this new site with a great idea. Have a great sound effect? Share it! Soundsnap lets you do this, placing the entire library up for others to benefit from. I still use Findsounds, but I can see how Soundsnap could really go huge. We are all encouraged to upload original material which would free us from potential copyright infringement that is a possibility with Findsounds.