Blog Salad Friday on Nine-Fourteen-Oh Seven

Hello RSS Subscribers! As of this writing, you are the only ones who seem to be able to see this blog. There's some weirdness happening at Blogger that has sent Film Flap into a wormhole somewhere. Type in the address or click on a link to the page, and you'll get some "redirecting error" nonsense. This really stinks (and I hope it will be repaired quickly), but I've decided to post anyway, so someone will still get something! Consider yourselves special...

Fake Blood 101
There's a real good chance that somewhere in your low budget efforts, you're gonna spill some blood. It's very visceral, and even a little blood can make a point. So where do we get the oozing red stuff? Our gory friends at Urban Chillers have handed out three very good recipes, including the kind that an actor can put in his mouth (mint flavored--yum!), or spew from it. Much more practical than burglarizing a slaughterhouse for prom night.

Hitchcock Basic Film Techniques
I'm a big fan of Hitchcock, so any time I come across a page about his techniques, you're going to see it here. This page has the intriguing subtitle of "How to turn your boring movie into a Hitchcock thriller..." There is a ton of good stuff here, from filmmaking basics, to stuff that the Master Suspenser pioneered. Some may seem like commonplace stuff, but it wasn't back in the day. Very educational.

Anatomy of a Viral Sensation
Pronet Advertising delves into what makes something go viral, in this case the clip concerning poor Miss South Carolina and her comments at the Miss Teen USA Pageant. Since it has been a focus of this blog to deconstruct viral stuff for the purpose of film promotion, this is very important. Read and watch (and shake your head in disbelief), then file it away for the day when you'll need to explode onto the web with some kind of viral marketing strategy. It could be of great use.

Filmmaker's 25 New Faces of Indiewood
I normally don't care about "up and comers" lists like this, but there is a lot of relevance here for those trying to make a film with little or no money. Besides being a very interesting cross-section of filmmakers with different backgrounds, notice the dollar amounts of those films mentioned. Many of them hover around the $10,000 mark, which means these folks are just like us. Maybe you'll be on this list next year...

See you next week, and hopefully the Film will be Flapping normally--are you listening Google?!