Blog Salad Friday on IX-VII-MMVII

Rob Ager Analyzes The Road Warrior
Wonderful self-taught film scholar Rob Ager has just released another of his film examinations on YouTube. Rob is great at creating a mashup of the film studied, then laying down his own excellent commentary. I wrote about him a few months back, then subscribed to his YouTube stuff, so I'd immediately be aware of his next offering. This time, it's George Miller's sci-fi action classic The Road Warrior (1981), starring a very young Mel Gibson. Just watch the above clip and get ready to learn about subtext in filmmaking. Part two can be found here, and a text version on Rob's site (which hasn't added the video for some reason) is available as well.

Another DIY Underwater Camera Housing
It seems like we get one of these every month, but this one looks sturdy and is fairly cheap to build. If you must shoot in a watery setting, this could really save you a ton of dough. Basically made out of a water jug, you press record on your camera, slap it in and go. This one even has a water alarm! Detailed instructions and several video clips round out a very thorough Instructable.

Microfilmmaker #23 is Out
The online mag Microfilmmaker has a new issue and is chock full of features, tips and reviews. This issue tells us how to make a DIY "Fig Rig", a rain machine (which was posted here as well), and fake blood, which is always handy. There is the usual reviews of short films, and software which includes the latest version of Flash and Lightwave. Always worth perusing.

Bullet Proof Baby is a Viral Ad
Now this is what I'm talking about. The seemingly "realistic" site Bullet Proof Baby, is really just an ad for New Line's Shoot 'Em Up, which opens today. The site looks like a company built around protecting your child in a hail of gunfire, but if you look closely, Clive Owen's mug is looking directly at you in a movie ad. The site is very well done, and is one more way to market your film. I like the humorous video clip as well, but someone should tell "mom" to tuck that assault rifle closer to her body when she's "firing".

Podcast Roundup
Your Video Store Shelf - This week Gregory Conley interviewed older-school filmmaker Courtney Joyner. He's been around the direct-to-video world quite awhile, having directed for Full Moon Pictures and American World Pictures. He's got lots of stories to tell, and Greg is entertaining as usual.

FreshDV - In part one of a three-parter, Kendal Miller interviews 1st Assistant Cameraman Bob Sanchez. Bob gives some great info on mostly focus pulling, which may be out of the scope of most low-budgeters that read this blog, but still worth listening to. When the time comes and your rig can do true depth-of-field, Bob's advice will come in handy.