Video Bloggling with Veeker: The Crappiest Video in the Least Amount of Time

For some reason I feel the strange urge to go beyond the still image and make a spot on this blog for a video window. Here I can post random thoughts about movies and movie making that may have no place in the written word, but thanks to the web can be posted anyway. They will be short (under a minute, I promise), and hopefully will give anyone interested in movies another reason to come take a peek at the site. I suppose it's vain to engage in this sort of thing, but isn't blogging vain anyway?

Actually, my main purpose for this was to have an outlet for quick movie reviews. While I write monthly reviews for The Nettle Magazine, then archive them at the end of every month, I wanted another way to do quickie reviews that were more timely, and could be cranked out rather fast, while not stepping on The Nettle's (or my good friend, editor David Congreave's) toes. If I found a suitable way to do this, I could leave little video bits about a variety of movie topics, and not just reviews. As long as it fit into the Film Flap Filosophy, I think it could work.

A major part of this would have to be a fast delivery method. I don't have the time to sit down and shoot, capture, edit and upload even small video clips. No, it would have to be virtually instantaneous, and with no post production. Of course, my friend the production value is sacrificed quite a bit with this method, but for this specific purpose (lightspeed video blogging), I think it's okay.

What am I referring to? Why, our buddy the cell phone! All new phones have built in cameras now. The picture quality of stills from these little gizmos is decent, but the video is pretty horrible. I realize moving images must be compressed (so I'll try not to move much) into a small space, but that's the nature of the beast. I'm not going to make any features this way, but I can shoot and send through Veeker, making posting here on the blog almost immediate. It's that easy.

So I hope you like this new little feature. It's simple and fast and I can get those pesky thoughts out of my head that may not have any place anywhere else on the blog, but could still be beneficial to somebody. Somewhere.