Turn Your Cell Phone Off Now, Idiot!

After yesterday's post about using a cell phone to videoblog, I went looking for cell phone created content. I didn't really find anything worthwhile (except for a video contest where you had to use your cell to shoot a thirty-second short), but I did find something else worth posting about.

Another connection between cell phones and movies is the annoying jerk(s) that don't turn their phone off during a theatrical feature. We have all experienced this, and no one likes it. Personally, I find it very rude when someone even checks their phone for any reason (text message, time, missed call, etc.), as it always lights up and pulls your eye from the screen. Recently, when I went to see 1408 with a friend, some moron not only let her cell phone ring, but answered the thing! When the movie got loud--she talked louder! Urge to kill rising...

Anyway, there have been some humorous 'turn your cell phone off now' clips that have appeared online. The one from a doctored Star Wars sequence is probably the most famous, but I came across a compilation from The East Lansing Film Festival that I thought was pretty good. It is posted above for your viewing enjoyment. My fav is the one about the kitten (very simple and darkly funny), but they are all examples of creative minds at work.

Here's hoping we heed the movie theater gods and depose the cell phone idols...unless you have to send a clip to your blog of course!