Call to All Filmmakers: Send Me Your Production Photos!

Scott Eggleston directs a scene from Middle of Nowhere, while the crew (Doug Clift and Russ Hansen) ponders the wonderful paycheck they are about to receive.

In an effort to make Film Flap a little more relevant to the low-to-no budget community, I have a proposition for you all. Send me a production photo of a project you are currently working on or just completed, and I will post it here along with a link to your website or blog. I can't guarantee you'll be deluged with traffic, but maybe it will help develop a sense of community as we become more aware of each other and what we are doing.

I've started by posting a shot from my last short movie, Middle of Nowhere, which I'm sure you're all tired of hearing me prattle on about (hey, self promotion, man!). It doesn't have to be a great shot, but hopefully it shows you doing something cool with a camera or yelling at your actors. You can send me as many pics as you please, but I'll probably just pick one.

Film Flappers Unite!


Josh Johnson said…
Dude, this is a cool idea! The only problem I see is I will be distracted from filmmaking so I can pose for a cool shot for film flap...

Although, maybe the director pointing shot can be rechristened as the "Film Flap Shot"