Blog Salad Friday on 8-31-07

Creating a Movie with Web 2.0
Here's a very handy post that focuses specifically on resources on the web that can help you make your movie from square one. This group of links from Read/WriteWeb covers everything, and could make your journey that much easier by eliminating much of the legwork. Aspects of production include Writing, Raising Money, Casting, Location Scouting, Shooting, Editing and Distribution. Not just for the rookie, this list could send you to a resource or two you didn't know were available. Very helpful.

The Big Dummy's Guide to Viral Marketing
So what exactly is this viral marketing thing, and how can I use it to my advantage? delves directly into this phenomenon, and provides an excellent primer on the subject, complete with video examples. It also covers the benefits of this marketing technique, as well as tips on creating your own viral sensation. Directly applies to those who want to promote their film online, and how to alert the masses about your work.

The Kuleshov Effect
FreshDV had a great post recently about some basic film theory, that is remarkable in it's simplicity and effectiveness. It's the Kuleshov Effect, which basically employs an editing trick of a reaction shot to different cutaways and how it affects the viewer. Change the cutaway, and the meaning of the reaction is changed. A great demonstration from Alfred Hitchcock is provided, as is a little history. A good refresher on a classic technique.

Film Foray - Lay Siege to Hollywood!
Here's a great idea: pitch your movie ideas online and get lots of good feedback. Film Foray allows users to do just that, by providing a pitch, a synopsis, and as much visual information as they want to provide. It looks like a kind of idea think-tank, where writers can formulate concepts which could lead to some very valuable collaboration. My only reservation is that putting good ideas on the net could lead to theft, but I'll leave that risk up to you.

The Art of Exposition
Mystery Man on Film has been publishing an excellent series about exposition in movies. They take mainstream movies we've all heard of and give both good and bad examples of what works and what doesn't. There's lots of good stuff to be learned here that you could apply to your own screenplay. As Ben Franklin once said, "a wise man learns from other's mistakes, a fool learns from his own."

How to Build a Big Effing Gun
Those zany dudes at Indy Mogul are really starting to grow on me. Not only do they provide great tips on constructing helpful movie gear (a couple of weeks ago I mentioned their rain machine), but they do so in a light hearted, goofy style. Their video instructions are not only well made, but have a great sense of humor and timing. Witness the "duel" sequence for their latest blueprint about making a large sci-fi prop--it's dang funny! They didn't have to go to all that effort, but they did, which says they love this stuff as much as I do.

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Anonymous said…
With regards to filmforay I actually hope somebody steals an idea, since anything would be better than the current fodder getting the greenlight in Tinsel Town!

-linden from filmforay