Serialized Comedy Chronicles 'The Rejects'

Have a super power no one appreciates? Or needs? If so, you'll be greatly interested in a new comedy series being made solely for an internet audience. Created by fellow microbudget movie blogger Josh Johnson, The Rejects will follow a bunch of kids with not-so-super powers (remember the sidekicks from Sky High?). Set to debut in September of this year, this is another example of filmmakers creating serialized content specifically for the web. Who needs money when you have passion?

Like a good marketer, Josh has already set up a series of websites. There is the official site, which only has one clip up, but it is funny and features a sexy "car whisperer". It also links to the official Rejects blog, which has more behind the scenes video, additional clips and some poster art. The filmmakers proudly show the layout for their swanky audition facility, but no auditions! Come on, I want to see that stuff! Finally, there is an official MySpace page which serves as a social network for the show.

There doesn't seem to be any monetizing model in place yet, with the sole exception of a "donate" button that will send you to PayPal where you can contribute. With nothing to sell as of now, maybe this will come later. How about "Are You a Reject?" t-shirts?

I wish the best of luck to Josh & company. Doing any of this sort of thing is never easy, and takes lots of work (and luck) to pull off. Especially when your shooting a series over what could be a lot of time. I've seen enough of Josh's stuff to be interested in The Rejects, as he obviously has ability. To get a better look at Josh's body of work, be sure to watch the collection of his short films found on the web.


Anonymous said…
Posting on Revver could bring in a little money for them, depending on the amount of views they get.