'On the Lot' Scandal Leads Refugees to KarmaCritic

I didn't think I'd ever be posting anything more about the flop of a reality show On the Lot, which I am glad I didn't get on. After taking a bath in the ratings, the show has changed formats, the premise, the host, and was shortened from two episodes per week (a regular show and a results show, like American Idol) to only one. As a friend put it, "the show is just dumb."

After perusing Microcinema Scene, I learned about this letter published by Ain't It Cool News. In it, a chronicle of manipulation is carefully detailed. Fox apparently did some nefarious things like picking contestants way before the submission deadlines, and dropping people from their website for complaining about it. When a group of the booted set up their own site, and it was mentioned in the OTL Wikipedia entry, the info was deleted by a Fox stooge! It seems to have been returned in the External Links section, however.

The site is KarmaCritic, and after reading Marco's letter about the whole bamboozle, I signed up. I fully support this new enterprise, which seems like a great idea: filmmakers getting together to support each other, and develop projects together. It will be nice to follow the site and see what becomes of it. I wouldn't mind getting some more feedback on my film, either...


Anonymous said…
One of the things I love about "On The Lot" and why I blog about it is because you get to learn from the mistakes that other filmmakers make.

The other thing I love about "On The Lot" is the fact that there are a couple of really talented people on the show and it's nice to see what they've come up with.

But that's about it.

Reading Marco's letter about what transpired... Well... It's sad. Really sad. I hope someone sues them. But then again, I'm not (too) surprised. It sounds like typical corporate dealings.