Online Video Contest Blog Provides Timely Updates

Usually at this time of the month, I'm scouring the internet for the latest video contests. I've always thought this was a good way to build skills and maybe get a bit of green in the process. It wasn't always an easy task, but it was rewarding and gave me something interesting to write about.

An enterprising blogger has taken that task right off of my plate and started, a resource for video contests and competitions. No longer will you have to wait until the beginning of the month for Film Flap, but you can get daily updates of cool contests that you can slap into any RSS reader! What could be simpler?

The site also does a good job at categorizing. Suppose you only want to spend your time competing for $10,000 or more? Or perhaps your a high school student looking for contests for teenagers only? Vidopp does a good job at organizing everything (and tags old contests as "EXPIRED"), putting it all within a few mouse clicks.

It's always nice to discover someone (or someones) who do something better than your dinky efforts, so you can just link to them and do everyone a favor. You may notice that the sidebar category "video contests" is gone, but there is a new sheriff in the "DIY Filmmaking" slot, "video contest and competition opportunities". Good luck!

Comments said…
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