Hey Buddy, Got Five Seconds?

Wow. In a previous post I mentioned how impressed I was when I found a YouTube user who was making sixty second mashups (or short trailers) of popular movies. Now I stumble across another ADHD afflicted dude who is doing the very same thing only he's boiled his selections down to their most basic core elements, which last only FIVE seconds.

He's put together an impressive list, and they're very funny to watch. Of course, it helps if you have seen the film he's compressing, but his flair for the quick wit and fast editing is quite chuckle-inducing. These might be my new favorite viral videos (which should easily be added upon on a regular basis), beating out The Easter Bunny Hates You, which I've always had a lot of affection for.

I wonder if entertainment of the future is moving in this direction. With the miniaturization of viewing screens (the iPod), and short movies such as these, could literal micro cinema be the next big, uh, little thing? Maybe movies of the future will simply be downloaded into our brain (NeuroFlix?) as a memory so we won't even have to go to theater or local video chain. What a sad day that would be.