Blog Salad: Parasites, Rebuttal, and Sucking Shorts

In continuing a new tradition that I find useful and at least one reader likes (right, Nathania?), we continue today with a tossed variety of random stuff related to filmmaking. Take one item or all three, and enjoy the mixture of useful/less information.

Nasty Bugs Make Great Monsters
Here's a wonderfully gross post from Not So Boring Life that should "inspire" some kind of script from the horror lover. "What Everyone Ought to Know About Parasites" is a quick rundown of several of the most common icky bugs that can live inside of humans. There are hook, round, pin, and tapeworms, as well as some gnarly thing called a Schistosoma. Pictures highlight the slimy critters, and if you don't feel a wave of nausea coming, start writing and pen a script that does.

Bill Strikes Back at "Stupid" Indies
A short while back I referred to a recent Variety article about a couple of filmmakers who felt very little love for DVD distributors. Bill Cunningham over at DISContent quotes directly from the article and responds directly to comments made by filmmakers Linda Nelson and Michael Madison. The crux of his retort is that you need to understand the system to make it work for you. I'm still determined to self-distribute, but this is an educational read, and should be perused by those considering this route.

Shorts that Suck Offered Up for Sacrifice
Following a scathing post about short films, the filmmaking blog $1000 Film recently asked for filmmakers to submit their shorts and defy expectations. Several of us have (yes, me too), and these lambs are now listed for all to check out. Reviews are promised, and I am eager to see what someone else thinks of my work. It's also a great way to start a dialogue about movie making, which is good no matter what the reason. Check 'em out!