Blog Salad: Or What to Write About When You Have No Cohesive Line of Thought

Yep, it's already been one of those days. My wireless router decided to do something other than wireless route, and I had to spend way to much time to get it to work again. Of course, an Internet connection is pretty useless when you don't really have anything to write about anyway. I usually have a folder that I'll drop related items in that I can write about later. There is stuff in that folder, but it really has no connecting theme (other than filmmaking). So here is some stuff that is useful but not really organized:

Reality Show Editing Tips
Here is a great clip from a BBC show about how the art of cutting can really make a difference in the mood conveyed. An excellent primer on how important this seemingly invisible craft can work for you.

Making Killer Shots for Movies, Too!
Here another instructional about composing a shot for still photography. Like a lot of things that apply to one kind of camera, they can be adapted for another kind. Taking a course in this kind of thing can never hurt your cinematography skills, and we all know that you not only direct your stuff, but most likely shoot it as well. Right?

Write That Script!
Your screenplay is the foundation which your movie is built upon, so it should be solid. A great (and almost daily) diatribe goes on about writing at $1000 Film. The genesis of this blog was to detail how to create a Hollywood-quality movie for no more that $1000 (I guess to cover only food), but it has since turned it's focus a bit. Now the topic seems to be creating a very good script (which is a good idea no matter what the budget), and there is a lot of good information here about plot, structure, and character development. Always worth reading.

Hopefully tomorrow I can be back on track to giving some more focused material, but today, enjoy the salad.


I quite like the Blog Salad. i love writing random posts, and now I realize i love reading random posts!

Good tip about 1000dollarfilm. I'll be checking that out fo sho!