Tool Time: More Goodies for your Gearbag

Look Toward the Light
Recently, I had a post about cheap and futuristic looking LED flashlights, but this week I go one better. This model found on meritline, is a 5-LED headlamp, which can come in very handy on those night shoots, especially when you have to consult your script in the dark. No more fumbling around, just activate your forehead light! You may look a bit dorky, but it's all in the name of art. This posting on Toolmonger will show you the code which nabs you this light for a mere $5. Also good for outfitting actors for your ripoff, er homage, to The Descent.

Camera Head
If you're into documenting extreme sports (for that ultimate POV shot), this instructable may be just what your looking for. Sam Noyoun details how to mount a small video camera on a standard safety helmet. Once there, it will see whatever you see, courtesy the lo-tech crosshair (which only an extreme sports dude could love). A video clip shows you the kind of stuff possible, such as Sam rolling his kayak from a first person perspective.

Up, Up and Away
If you're ambitious and want to impress, how about an aerial shot? Can't afford a helicopter, ultralight, or hot-air balloon? Russell A. Jones III has a different approach: kite photography. His rig doesn't exactly look cheap (and navigating may take some practice), but it is original, and could really add that impressive establishing shot you've been wanting. My advice would be to build the rig in conjunction with someone who is handy with kites (a kiteographer?), and you may save yourself some pain on your way to cool shotness.