'On the Lot' Search Feature Added by Contestant

There are just under 10,000 entries for one of sixteen spots on the directing reality show, On the Lot. All of these are available on the website, for anyone to view. The problem is that when the site was designed, a very valuable search option was left out. The only way to find a certain film was to slog through all the categories, which only reveals 20 movies at a time.

Enterprising applicant Josh Rencher has taken the initiative and created his own search engine, which addresses this problem. Now you can search by title and OTL username, which yields a list of results. Josh has done a great job with this and should be commended.

Of course, he also advertises a link to his own movie (which opens without going to the OTL website), allowing a rating and review within his search site. This is to be expected, and why not? He deserves the attention, no matter what his movie is like.