’Middle of Nowhere’ Goes Live ‘On the Lot’--Finally!

After uploading my submission for the Spielberg/Burnett reality show almost five weeks ago, it is now available for rating and review. This is confirmation that the producers have my application and DVD, and now the waiting begins to see if I move on to the next phase of the show (interviews) or just move on.

I am a little disappointed that I didn’t make the home page under “most recent films” (you have to go to the “sci-fi & fantasy” category to find me) as that is where the most traffic is, and where you get the most views. The good news is that I can rest easy knowing that everything is in and I don’t have to worry that my stuff got lost under a pile somewhere. With today being the deadline for submissions (it has to have a postmark no later than February 16), I’m glad this part is over.

For more information on the show, you can peruse the OTL message boards, as well as read this MSNBC interview with the show’s casting director, Michelle McNulty. The most interesting tidbit found here is that the first show may contain more than the 16 finalists, which just increases everyone’s odds for getting in (or this: "they send a compilation reel to Burnett and Spielberg, who give back notes"). They say they are looking for good filmmakers who have good personalities, so here’s hoping I have both these qualities.