Collection Day 1: First Sketches

Collection Day is my MFA thesis film, which I plan on shooting in the fall of this year.  A sci-fi action drama, it follows near-future government agent Taylor Glass and her awakening to who she really is and what she does to stop being that person. The film is my favorite type of movie: well-drawn characters and an interesting story, all in a genre wrapper.

While the core crew is mostly assembled and very basic pre-production has begun, I really wanted a concept artist to work with me and come up with character designs that I could show the other departments instead of trying to explain everything.  After some inquiry, I found college Senior Haley Tynes, a theatre major with costume design experience.

After an initial meeting to go over what I was looking for, Haley came back with the above sketches.  We had discussed a comic book style (with possible scene renderings), which explains the Manga look, though I’ve asked her to change it to a more realistic version in the future.  This is why you have meetings and give notes.  You tell your people what you want, let them breathe their talent into it, and then you make suggestions.  Repeat until you get what you are looking for. 

For me, this is a very exciting first step.  I love seeing what other people (and their expertise) can bring to something I have written.  Shooting in the fall is not that far away, so continue to tune in for updates and news concerning Collection Day, a project that should be the best thing I have ever produced.